Geisha Fans

These are the smallest, most reliable, high RPM, high CFM fans available! Having a fan on your R/C motor is key in 'blinky' brushless stock racing!

Parts Included

Ordering Information

Big thanks to Mike of Side Piece Racing. I tq'd 17.5 sedan at the region 2 paved regional running Mira outdrives and a Geisha Fan.


The original supply of these fans dried up in early 2011. I was able to find the last lot of fans anywhere in the USA. This batch of fans sold out in less than four days. Upon that amazing success I contacted the electronics manufacture directly and placed a huge stock order.

Why name the product Geisha?

Here at Side Piece Racing we like to name our products after ladies... which is of course the true inspiration for the name Side Piece. Geisha origin is Japanese and meaning is defined by two kanji, (gei) meaning "art" and (sha) meaning "person" or "doer". The Geisha Girls are known for their famous Geisha Fans...

Installation Info

This fan is designed to be soldered directly to the positive and negative battery connections on your electronic speed control (ESC). Wiring the fan directly to the speed controller instead of plugging it into a receiver port allows it to spin at a high RPM rate.

As seen in RCTech's Best and strongest cooling fan thread.


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