Mira Outdrives

7075 T6 Aluminum outdrives designed to allow the TOP Racing Photon Spool to use XRay Drive Shafts. The primary goal is to enable the XRay ECS Drive Shafts on the Photon, or any other 40 tooth pulley based touring car, such as the Team Associated TC6 or Yokomo BD-5. These new outdrives are designed to support both 52mm and 50mm XRay ECS Drive Shafts.

Parts Included

Ordering Information

I have used Side Piece Mira Outdrives since day one which was sometime in January and have blown 2 blades total racing weekly indoors. I used to ruin multiple blades every race day with small wall taps.

Now I run XRay Ecs's and the Side Piece Mira Outdrives and never worry about blades anymore.


The usage of ECS (also known as LCD) drive shafts is to reduce or eliminate the chatter (noise/vibration) within Rubber Tire Touring Cars when leveraging maximum steering throw. These ECS shafts increase car stability and just make cars easier to drive. The XRay ECS products have proven themselves time and time again.

Why name the product Mira?

Here at Side Piece Racing we like to name our products after ladies... which is of course the true inspiration for the name Side Piece. Mira is a female name with a Slavic origin meaning "wonderful; peace; prosperous". Lets hope so!

Installation Info

T.O.P. Photon

With 50mm XRay ECS you should put a 1mm shim between the Mira Outdrive and the T.O.P. Spool to reduce the breakage of blades.

Necessary Parts Not Included But Required for Use

  1. TOP TC-PMJS01 Photon Spool Set
    • For the Team Associated TC6 only -- the stock slipper spool 29.1mm from the outside of the bearing. The TOP spool needs a minor modification of the ribbed bea ring stays to narrow the width to fit. Pictures found below.
  2. XRay Drive Shafts (ECS style to be specific - should support the following combinations)
    • XRay 305325 Equalized Corner Speed (ECS) Drive Shaft - Hudy Spring Steel (1) - 50mm
    • XRay 305327 Equalized Corner Speed (ECS) Drive Shaft - Hudy Spring Steel (1) - 52mm
    • Spec-R SPR001-T2 Universal Swing Shaft Set for XRAY T2/T3 (2)
      • Some editions of the Spec-R Swing Shafts require special 5x10x3mm axle bearings
    • Any other XRay Drive Shaft from T2'008/T2'009/T3/T3'11 cars -- although ECS Drive Shafts are the recommended part
  3. XRay 305241 Drive Shaft Replacement Plastic Cap 3.5mm (4)
  4. XRay C-hubs (necessary on TOP Racing Photon, Team Associated TC6, and Yokomo BD-5 to clear the XRay Drive Shafts)
    • Note: All XRay C-Hubs require the use of Steel Steering Bushings
    • XRay 30 2363 COMPOSITE C-HUB RIGHT - 4 DEG. - MEDIUM
    • XRay 30 2364 COMPOSITE C-HUB LEFT - 4 DEG. - MEDIUM
    • XRay 30 2291 STEEL STEERING BUSHING (2+2)
    • XRay 30 2365 COMPOSITE C-HUB RIGHT - 6 DEG. - MEDIUM
    • XRay 30 2366 COMPOSITE C-HUB LEFT - 6 DEG. - MEDIUM


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