Nikita Outdrives

7075 T6 Aluminum outdrives designed to improve the reliability of the XRay Spool. Building upon the success for the Mira Outdrive design, the same design elements were brought in this new product for the XRay Spool. These new outdrives are designed especially to support the 50mm XRay ECS Drive Shafts by increasing the length of the outdrive by an extra 2mm. This product is designed for the XRay T2'009, T3, T3'11 and T3'12 touring cars.

Parts Included

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I must say these outdrives are all they are cracked up to be. Since i have installed them i haven't had to replace one bone blade(pin cushion) in either of my two t311's, even after a good 3 weeks of abuse. I run 17.5 boosted twice a week on high grip carpet and some days i would have to replace bone blades once if not twice with the alu. xray outdrives. But those days seem to be over.


The usage of ECS (also known as LCD) drive shafts is to reduce or eliminate the chatter (noise/vibration) within Rubber Tire Touring Cars when leveraging maximum steering throw. These ECS shafts increase car stability and just make cars easier to drive. The XRay ECS products have proven themselves time and time again.

In this new manufacturing run (May 2012, or V3) the outdrive has been spun 45 degress to reduce the strain on the drive cups by putting the outdrives at a 90 degree offset. The U cut in the outdrive has been made less deep, more similar to the first run of outdrives. 52mm drive shafts may NOT fit depending upon arm spacing!

Why name the product Nikita?

Here at Side Piece Racing we like to name our products after ladies... which is of course the true inspiration for the name Side Piece. Nikita is female name with a Slavic origin meaning 'victorious people'. Make the Nikita Outdrives apart of your next victory!

Necessary Parts Not Included But Required for Use

  1. XRay 305188 Composite Solid Axle 38t
  2. XRay Drive Shafts (ECS style to be specific - should support the following combinations)
    • XRay 305325 Equalized Corner Speed (ECS) Drive Shaft - Hudy Spring Steel (1) - 50mm
    • XRay 305327 Equalized Corner Speed (ECS) Drive Shaft - Hudy Spring Steel (1) - 52mm (MAY NOT FIT - depends upon arm spacing)
    • Spec-R SPR001-T2 Universal Swing Shaft Set for XRAY T2/T3 (2)
      • Some editions of the Spec-R Swing Shafts require special 5x10x3mm axle bearings
    • Any other XRay Drive Shaft from T2'008/T2'009/T3/T3'11 cars -- although ECS Drive Shafts are the recommended part
  3. XRay 305241 Drive Shaft Replacement Plastic Cap 3.5mm (4)
  4. XRay C-hubs
    • Note: All XRay C-Hubs require the use of Steel Steering Bushings
    • XRay 30 2363 COMPOSITE C-HUB RIGHT - 4 DEG. - MEDIUM
    • XRay 30 2364 COMPOSITE C-HUB LEFT - 4 DEG. - MEDIUM
    • XRay 30 2291 STEEL STEERING BUSHING (2+2)
    • XRay 30 2365 COMPOSITE C-HUB RIGHT - 6 DEG. - MEDIUM
    • XRay 30 2366 COMPOSITE C-HUB LEFT - 6 DEG. - MEDIUM


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