Seis Fans

These are the smallest, most reliable, high RPM, high CFM fans available! Having a fan on your R/C motor is key in 'blinky' brushless stock racing!

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This is the best fan since the Geisha Fan!


Geisha Fans are no longer available - even from the manufacture. The Seis Fan is the best alternative to the Geisha Fan. The Seis Fan is the same size and durability of the Geisha Fan, but only supports upto 6.7 volts of input power. The Seis Fan must be powered from either a 1S LiPo or Receiver. 2S LiPo or more than 6.7 volts of input current.

Why name the product Seis?

Here at Side Piece Racing we like to name our products after ladies... which is of course the true inspiration for the name Side Piece. Seis origin is from the Latin word sex, and is also the number 6 is Spanish -- to stand for 6 volts.

Installation Info

This fan is designed to be powered by either an RC Receiver (6 volt) or a 1S LiPo by directly soldering to the positive and negative battery connections on your electronic speed control (ESC).

Direct wiring of a Seis Fan to a 2S (or greater than 6.7 volt) power suppy is not supported!

The new Seis V2 includes a removable 150mm cable


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